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Doula Services


As your doula, I will provide :


A birth space that is condicitve to your desires and beliefs for a safe and beautiful birth.


Continuous physical and emotional support during your labor & up until 2 hours after birth or until your baby sucessfully latches on to your breast.


Assist you and your partner in creating a sacred birth space from a loving and peaceful perspective, whether birthing in a hospital, birth center, or home.


Discuss different options for pain relief such as breathing, relaxation, changing positions, visualization, and medication.


And provide unlimited phone and email support during pregnancy and up to 6 weeks after your birth.

Mother Blessing Ceremony Facilitator


Assist women and families in honoring the pregnant mom from a loving, graceful, and peaceful perspective.


Assist pregnant moms to release any negative beliefs about childbirth, breastfeeding, and motherhood.


Help pregnant moms experience birth as sacred and spiritual (no matter your faith).

Help pregnant moms balance their mental, emotional, and physical state of being before birth.


To help women trust the process of birth with affirmations, visualization, meditation, and celebration.


Postpardom Services

Placenta Encapulation

Women are encapsulating their placentas because there is no supplement man-made or organic that can compete with your placentas ability to help you recover from childbirth. Placenta Encapsulation for the purpose of ingestion has proven to be tremendously beneficial to the women who have opted to utilize this service.


Also  studies on using placenta as a lactagogon gave incredible results. 181 out of 210 women who were given dried placenta to increase milk supply had positive results and saw an increase in their milk supply. Encapsulated placenta has been proven to increase a breast-feeding mother's milk supply.


Yoni Womb Steam

The Womb Steam services women from all ages & walks of life, and is a service that helps prevent and treat imbalances. New mothers can enjoy a womb steam to help with : Hemroidds, tightening of the uterus, relasing fears of new motherhood and can feel relaxed and calm.  In addition, women in good health also receive immediate benefits as well and notice that they have more energy, freedom, and better management of stress.



Women of many indigious countries begin steam their wombs up to 48 hours after birth, and twie a day sometimes, to help their uterus contract back to it orginal size.

What Is A Doula ?

A Doula is a woman who is trained to assist another woman before and during childbirth. Doulas may also provide support to the family after the baby is born.

New Mom & Doula Client Client Talks About Her Womb Steam Expierence

If you are interested in any of the Doula Services mentioned above, please fill out the form below and send it to me. Please include what services you are interested in and what is the best way to contact you. I will respond to you with in 24 -48 hours.

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