Helps to maintain a healthy immune and respiratory system.*
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Red Clover

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  • Helps to maintain a healthy immune and respiratory system.*


    Sialagogue (moistens dry mouth), deobstruent, alterative, sedative.

    COMMON NAMES: Cow Grass, Purple Clover, Cleavers Grass, Trefoil.

    PARTS USED: Flowering tops.

    BODILY INFLUENCES: Red Clover owes some of its richness to the ability of extracting Calcium, Silicon and Mineral Salts from the earth. It promotes an alkaline environment of the blood stream, which is antagonistic to cancer. It has been long recognized as an anti- cancer herb, which promotes a healthy granulation of the afflictions and their dissolution. It is admirable for correcting lymphatic problems, kidney conditions, malignant ulcers and sores of long standing. Dr. Jethro Kloss (a noted early 20th Century American Herbalist), praises it highly. Extended and successive use of Red Clover extract has been responsible for removing external cancer and old skin ulcers. Wet a large area of the skin surface several times daily with the extract. The rich iron and mineral content has made it a favorite of Russian folk medicine for shortness of breath and anemia.

    DOSAGE: 20 to 40 drops three times per day on the tongue or in juice or water. Apply or spray on one tablespoonful, or more, each time, if external cancer or shingles.