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Pure Herbs

No expense has been spared to provide the finest nature has to offer!



Why Pure Herbs ?

We use liquid herbs because of their highest quality and because they are more esily abdorbed and digested.

Also with Liquid Herbs, swallowing pills and caspsules is eliminated. When the herbs are placed under the tongue, they more easily digested and get into the bloodstream faster.



This Months Specials

Herbs are the higest quality food known to man containing vitamins, minerals, and trace elements in the natural balance and harmony.

It is our sincere belief that our Creator put herbs upon the earth tomaintain and restore our health. We believe that herbs get to the coucase of health problems. For every health issue, there is an herb.

The only side effect with herbs is the cleasing action people expierence on the body when first using herbs such as :

  • Nausea

  • Diaeehea

  • Aches

  • Ect


This is the detoxifying process that helps being the body into a state of wellness.


This is a good thing !

Herbs are food. Not drugs.


Herbs can be taken in large quantiites with no harmful effects. Mixing herbs have less of a side effect than eating diffent foods together.


Therefore, you can take health benefits.


Most chemical drugs can be taken at the same time as herbs, but it is preferable to take them at different times.

Because herbs are food, you can take them whenever you want. Most people will take then before meals. Others on a busy schedule will take them first thing in the morning an last thing at night. Herbs for insomnia and cleansing are mostly taken at night. Appetitie depressants ans blood sugar balancers are best taken 15 to 30 minutes before the problem hits.

Don't quite taking the drugs you are dependent on.

"Herbs are a slow, safe rememdy."


Many people have gradually decreased drug dosage and frequency with the use of herbs.

As your Herbalist, I can help you take control of your health. My Programs will help you purge you body of filthy, toxic posions.


Depending on your situation and problems, you can cleanse your blood and your lymphatic system. You can cleanse your vital organs :




And Lungs of slimy sticky, decaying toxins sccumulated from years of eating foodless food.


You can purge your body of any parasites which can reek havoc with your health.

You can bring yeast inder control and develop friendly flora.


Your body is self cleansing and self healing when you give it a chance. I will help you do what you need - one step at a time


Make me your herbalist !


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