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Young Living Essential Oils

As a began my journey into Wellness, essential oils have been discussed along with juicing, detoxing and meditation. Oils for me where always something you picked up from a vendor at the African World Festival, or your local Oil Man, who would have popular perfumed scented oils. With all the workshops and books referencing essential oils, I really didn't understand their power until I began to use them for myself.

There is a popular essetial oil brand that is sold a most health food stores. And for the most part they do smell amazing, and can be used in everything from creating your own cleaning solutions to haiving the scent you need when you needed it. Yet my Spirit wanted something more pure. An oil I could take internally, as well as externally. After much research between other EOC (Essential Oil Companies), I finally made my decisdion on Young Living.

Why did I choose Young Living Essential Oils ? For one, as I did more resecarch on different oil brands I leaned about chemically synthethic manufactured oils. I wanted to find out the health benefits of pure essential oils. As I researched, I learned that the majority of essential oils that you can buy from your local retail stores are not, and do not claim to be, therapeutic-grade oils.

I purchased a kit for my birthday, and I love how much of an impact these oils have made in my every day life. From freshing up the air in a room, to cleaning, to adding a few drops of oil to my tea. Young Living has oil singles like Lavendar and Tee Tree, and oil blends like Thieves and Stress Away. They deffinatly get used on a daily basis.

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