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Why Purchase Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils ?

Please note I am not a doctor and cannot make oil recommendations, diagnose, treat, or prescribe. These are from my own personal experiences and yours may be different. In this video, Chris from Flawless Oils examines Peppermint essential oil from 3 different companies. You will see the labels on each bottle which all show 100% pure peppermint essential oil and yet, they all perform differently in this test. The oils where purchased from a local spa, nutrition store and used Young Living brand to compare them too. There are many things to look at when determining the quality of an essential oil such as: - Quality of plants - Where they were planted - When they were harvested and what time of day - How they were distilled - How they were bottled Most companies that sell essential oils use a middle man, therefore they never know exactly where the oils are really coming from, when the plants were harvested or how the oil was distilled. You will see in this video, it make a huge difference in the quality of the essential oils.

Hope this helps you understand the quality of the brand you choose for you and your family.

Peace and blessings.

Shakti's Flower

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