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Belly Dancing For Healing

It began as a way to have fun, relieve some stress and look cute while working out. Belly dance class was my weekly service to temple, but instead of going to a religious church, I attended services of the church of dance specializing in movement therapy. In my begiiner belly dance class was a grand mother, Mama Lorna, and another women elder woman, Miss Terry. We all took a journey into self expression through the movement of dance. Our instructor, Ms. Tene of

The House of Bassett in Detroit, MI, encouraged up to tap into our inner Sensual Goddess.

Me and Mama Lorna at a Halfa at The House of Bassett in Detroit, MI 2010.

The Goddess in all of us come in many forms. She is Mother nurturing all. She is the young innocnect, playful girl. She is the Wise Woman who knows and shares all knowlege. She is also the sensual sexy Goddess of physical desire. That's the part of all women that is told by society that's it;s either a sin to be a woman that enjoys sexual desire or that sexsual desire is all to exploited with the media which focusues only on the physical, and not the spirual side of a woman's sensuality.

Belly dance is a combination of all these aspects of the Goddess and more. In class, remininding my stududents that they too are Sensual and Sexy Goddesses, also remind me that I too am the same. And that it is ok to love your self, be confident in who you are and know the power you posses as a Womb - Man.

Shimmyrobics for me is just that. Teaching women to use their bodies for self express of love. And I enjoy seeking women blossom into the greater Goddess self. Because I remember what it was like to open to who I always to be.

And it's a ever evolving process. One is never full evolved. The person you become today, is not the person you will be tomorrow.

Why not discover that with an art form that supports the femine engery ?


Click here to see Zaniah Amirah Dance Freestyle after her Thurday Night Class.

Click for more infomation on belly classes with Zaniah Amirah.

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