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The Womb

We cleanse for many different reasons.

Sometimes it's mental, spiritual, physcial or a combintion of all three. Spring is a time for renewal after a long, dry and sometimes dry winter. Our womb center is our seat of sensuality and creation. It's not only the birthplace where human life is formed and birth, but also our creativity and desires from from this Sacred space. She remebers all touches and emotion both good and not so good. She has a spiirit and a voice that is often not listen too. And when she bomes tired of being ignored, she becomes angry and makes us women (and sometimes men) feel her wrath in the form of painful cramps, mood swings, heavy bleeding, ect....

And when she is tired to being ignored, she goes into a self destruct mode with the creation of still born ideas in the form of fibroids, or pockets of of cycsts that represents the creativity that has yet formed in manifestation.

But she can be revived, be renewed, and regenerate into a loving power center of creation.

How ?

By honoring her. Awknowldging that she is more than an amazong organ from which all life is born, yet she is also an entity that is the sweetest form of our spiritual selves in phyical form. Care for her with self care :

Relaxing baths in Epsom salts and womb nurishing herbs




Staying hydrated by at least drinking your weight in oz. with Spring, Disstiled or Alkaline Water.

Nourish her with healthy Greens, fresh fruits and juices.

Treat yourself to a Yoni Steam once a month. 

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