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Bio Cleanse Review

What is a Bio Cleanse ? 

The Bio-cleanse unit is used in a footbath and the system creates a process of complex ionization by charging the water molecules, and in turn stimulating your body's energy core. The unit organically causes the release of toxins and foreign material trapped within the body's cellular fluids. This detoxification occurs through the skin. Negative ions that appear in the water during treatment neutralize free radicals. As toxins are released and neutralized, a discoloration and change of consistency of the water occurs during the 30 minute Session.  

The Bio-cleanse unit creates a biocharge that is both safe and compatible with living matter. The system uses water as the medium. Up to 80% of the body is water. We are now able to use water and energy as a "detoxifying recharge" to offset the rigors of everyday toxemia (poisoning).

Me holding my Clear Quartz Yoni Egg while meditating during my Bio Cleanse Session

The Bio Cleanse Field Enhancement unit combines the scientific principles behind the cleansing processes of the therapeutic hot pool and the healing energy force of water, it also increases the natural Chi of the body. 

Reflexology Chart

The machine does not cure anything. It is simply a machine which enables your body to re-balance its bio-energetic fields which stimulates self- detoxification. When the electro-magnetic fields are balanced, the body's organs will naturally function better. Is the colour of the water significant? In our experience, the colour varies from person to person. However, people have indicated that the effects are a more beneficial indicator of the detox they have received, and go on to book further treatments. 

My Practioner during my was Mother Godis, an elder in the Detroit community who is known for her Goddess Spiritual Clothing, Photography, Workshops, and much more. She was an 

 healing guide during my session. I even received a great compressions (gentle pressure) on my feet as she dried them, that felt great.  

The result of the orangish / Brown water reviled that I need a cleanse to clear up some cellular debris. (I kind of knew that as I’m long over due for a cleanse.) Perfect timing for Spring.

I’m excited to learn this healing practice add it to my practice. 

The Bio Cleanse Treatment is available at 

Loving Life Health Store & Healing Center located at 15224 W 7 Mile Rd, Detroit, MI 48235 (313) 861-1118

Make your appointment with Godis. 

This center has been healing the community for years. They carry Alkaline Water, Master Cleanse Prep Vitamins/Supplements,Health Foods,

Holistic Beauty Products, Ear Candling, Colonics, Bio Cleanse and more.

Be Well. 


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