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What is your relationship with food ?


Are you an emotional eater ?


Do you eat fried foods often ?

Does your refrigarator look like a greenhouse or a morgue ?


Do you cook or just reheat ?


Do you have local resturants close to your home and work on speed dial ?


Do you have local menus committed to memory ?


Overall, how is your health ?



These are a some tough questions.



And if you can be honest with yourself about the the foods you put into your body and are willing to make a change to beat the battle of the buldge, then we're here ready to assist you along your wellness journey. Food is to be our our medicine. It gives us nourishment, and keeps our cells charged and rejuvnated so that our bodies can work at an optimum level.


The healthier foods we eat, the better our body works.


Junk In = Junk Out.

Goodness In  = Goodness Out



Wholisitc Weight Loss

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
― Hippocrates

Are you ready to make a change but don't know where to begin ?


Call or text us at 313.516.1789

7, 14 & 21 Day Detoxes

Wholisitc Weight Loss Coching


Belly Dance


Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Health and Wellness Grocery Shopping Lessons Green

Lean Cooking Lession

And much more....



Wholisitic Weight Loss For Mind. Body. Spirit

Monthly Package Includes :

Weekly Consultations

30 Day Whole Food and Juice Manual

Weekly Yoga and Belly Dancer Workshops

Kitchen Cuboard Makeover

Grocery Shopping Workshop


All this each month until you reach your fitness goals.

Just $100 a month


If your ready to make a change just click the Subscribe button below.

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