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Womb Wellness Webnair

January 24, 2015


African American wombs are in a womb crisis.


1 in 3 African American Women have fibroid tumors.


You can be fibroid free. Naturally !


Join us this Saturday, January 24, 2015 from 12pm - 4pm


Lean how to :


  • Heal With The Elements Of Earth, Wind, Fire and Air

  • Sacred Spaces

  • Meditation 

  • Massage

  • Yoga and Womb Yoga Dance

  •  Journaling

  •  Healing Womb Foods

  • Teas and Tonics

  • Clay Packs and Caster Oil Therapies

  • Womb Bathing and Self Love

  • The Healing Power Gemstones


All participants will recieve a Blooming Womb Manual and Instructions on how to prepare for this Wellness Seminar.


Learn from the comfort of your own home.







Womb Wellness  Webnair will be available for playback.


Webnair will be on Google Hangouts.


Learn how to heal the womb of your mind, the womb of your heart and the womb of your womb.

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