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Are you one of the 1/2 Million Women who have experienced Hysterectomy this year? 


Are you one of the Millions affected by Womb Ailments? 


Are you faced with Fibroids, PCOS, Infertility, Menopause Symptoms, Irregular Menses, Abnormal Bleeding? 


Are you Stressed and need to De-Stress? 


Are you in need of a Womb Wellness Day and spend Sacred time honoring YOU? 


If you answered Yes, to any of the above our services may be of benefit to you. 


We are happy to serve you with the

The Blooming Lotus Yoni Steam


Disclaimer - This service is not if you if you are pregnant, or suffering with a yeast infection and/or other discharges from the vagina without first consulting immediately with your physician if any of these conditions exist, before using this and any other treatment(s).


What To Expect During Your Yoni Steam Session

The Blooming Lotus Yoni Steam is more than just a steam. 

It is a ritual of self care and love for one's mind, body and soul. 


This steam is for every woman, not just those who have been affected by Womb Ailments, but also those seeking general Womb Care.


This service is a time for Sisterhood, a time to talk,  meditate , and  purge together. We support each other every step of the way. This steam incorporates body, mind and spirit wellness to completely eradicate womb dis-ease. Yoni Steam, also known as vaginal steaming is a medicinal, herbal, steam facial for the vagina.Vaginal steam baths, or "bajos" as they are known in Korea, is an ancient remedy for enhancement of female pelvic and uterine health.  V- Steams are natural an non-invasive; it's just steam and natural herbs rising into your vagina. Most of these"uterine lavages" us water steeped with medicinal herb to address a slew of aliments including bladder and yeast infections, hemorrhoids, infertility, and irregular and painful periods.


The technique is also through to help heal uterine fibroids, cysts, perinel tears, and scarring from C-sections, hysterectomies, and laparsoscpies.V-streaming boots circulation to the pelvis, which means increased oxygenation, dilation of blood vessels, and a relaxing of the pelvic floor muscles that tend to cramp or spasm before or during menstruation.

All sessions begin with an Intake & Assessment for which all  forms are filled out to gain more insight into your health concerns and desired outcome for your  session.  During this phase the proper herbs are determined to assist you.  All information is Confidential.

Next we will move on the floor for Womb Yoga and Breathwork, which are opening exercises start us off with opening the uterus and sending breath to the organs of the body so that this Steam therapy may be more readily received through a relaxed and vitalized womb.



Now you are ready for your Yoni Steam, where your  Yoni Steam Practionioner will hand you a Yoni Gown for you wear and ask you to remove all clothing from the waist down,and put on the gown. You will sit on a comfortable low stool over steaming water infused with Blooming Lotus Herbal Teas which have been created specifiy from your intake and assetment  to help remove toxins, strengthen, tone & cleanse the uterus.  Herbs used in this steam are known to help with fibroid reduction, dis-ease, elimination of pain,toning the uterus, stress relief, help with endometriosis, prolapsed uterus and the overall wellness of the uterus. 



Aromatherapy awakens our DNA memory and carries pure essences of nature as well as high vibrations that help one to elevate their mental frequency and  has been used for over 6,000 years starting in Kemet (Egypt).Pure essential oils  are added to the YoniSteam environment to add to its healing power.  By improving the personal and spiritual space.   Aromatherapy encourages deeper levels of relaxation and healing while


We are proud to be Young Living Distributors. Check Out Our  Essential Oils 101 Page

and add a Young Living Essential Oil Kit to your Womb Wellness Lifestyle. 

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